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MT Topo + Public Lands 2017


Detailed topo basemap with colorized public lands.


Product Description

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MT Topo + Public Lands is a highly detailed, 24k scale topographic map of Montana with the following updated features:


– 24k scale topographic lines (updated to include 20ft contours in flatter areas of the state)

– Custom colored public land parcels: USFS, BLM, BOR, DOD, COE, State, USDA, NPS, USFWS, Indian Reservations, Plum Creek Timber Co. (Plum Creek Timber Co is a privately owned company)

– Lake, stream, wetland, and springs data derived from the Hi-Res National Hydrography Dataset (NHD). Some river data from the National Wetland Inventory (NWI).

– Roads and trails data utilizing the most inclusive and detailed data available from the US Forest Service, Tiger 2014, and the Montana Transportation Framework

– Detailed State Park data including restrooms, picnic tables, boat launches, swimming areas, roads, trails, and much more.

– Wildlife Management Areas and Wilderness boundaries

– National Wetland Inventory (NWI) enhanced wetland areas (where available)

– Over 60,000 points of interest including trailheads, campgrounds, summits (with elevation), gulches, mines, airports, and much more.

– Includes all of Yellowstone National Park!

Land ownership in Montana changes every day. Even though we publish updates annually there may still be some land parcels that have changed ownership not reflected in this map. This mapset does not imply access to private or public lands under any circumstances.

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