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Land Cover Habitat Map v3


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Product Description

Welcome to a whole new world of GPS mapping. Introducing our exclusive Land Cover habitat mapset that visually represents habitat types based on the 2013 GAP satellite habitat analysis. What does it all mean? This map will give you a visual representation with description of the habitat in your favorite hunting, fishing, or recreation spots. You will see habitat types such as burned areas, recently harvested timber, grassland, meadows, wetlands, deciduous forest, agricultural, conifer forest, cliff, sagebrush, human development, mining, marshes and much more. The habitat is refined into 30 meter pixels and covers all of Montana.

This mapset comes with two seperate maps, 1) The Land Cover v3 map, and 2) a special Land Cover Roads & Streams layer that will transparently overlay the Land Cover map. Due to the extensive amount of data in the Land Cover GAP analysis this map does not contain topo lines, points of interest, or land owner data.

Not recommended for use in “older generation” Garmin units due to the limited color depth and slow processor speeds.


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