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Hunting & Fishing Combo 2017


Complete GPS mapping solution for Hunters, Hikers, and Anglers.


Product Description

Our premium GPS mapping solution comes with everything you’ll need to hit the great outdoors with confidence. The Hunting & Fishing Combo includes two base maps: MT Topo + Landowner and MT Topo + Forest Cover. You also get transparent overlays to give you even more information at your fingertips: Elk Slope Preference, Fishing Guide Overlay, Section Survey (searchable), Deer-Elk-Lion Hunting Districts, and Antelope Hunting Districts. By purchasing our Hunting & Fishing Combo package you’ll be eligible to purchase future Hunting & Fishing Combo updates at half price. Maps are updated annually.

Available for purchase in the following formats: Windows & MAC installers, Easy Install, or shipped to you on a pre-loaded SD card. Any format allows you to view the maps on both your GPS and computer.

Please see our FAQ page for information regarding download options and compatible GPS units.

Mapsets Included

MT Topo + Landowner 2017 (Basemap)

MT Topo + Forest Cover 2017 (Basemap)

MT Fishing Guide 2017 (Overlay)

Elk Slope-Cover (Overlay)

Deer-Elk-Lion Hunting Districts 2017 (Overlay)

Antelope Hunting Districts 2017 (Overlay)

Counties & Sections (Overlay)


Mapset Details

MT Topo + Landowner (Basemap) is a highly detailed 24k scale topographic map covering Montana and all of Yellowstone National Park. Private land owner (cadastral) information has been integrated into this mapset and is no longer a separate overlay. Some of the features of this map include:

– 24k scale topographic lines
– Custom colored public land parcels: USFS, BLM, BOR, DOD, COE, State, USDA, NPS, USFWS, Indian Reservations, Plum Creek Timber Co. (Plum Creek Timber Co is a
privately owned company)
– Private land parcels with owner name information.
– Lake, stream, wetland, and springs data derived from the Hi-Res National Hydrography Dataset (NHD)
– Roads and trails data utilizing the most inclusive and detailed data available from the US Forest Service, Tiger 2014, and the Montana Transportation Framework
– Detailed State Park data including restrooms, picnic tables, boat launches, swimming areas, roads, trails, and more.
– Wildlife Management Areas and Wilderness boundaries
– National Wetland Inventory riparian areas (where available)
– Over 60,000 points of interest including trailheads, campgrounds, summits (with elevation), gulches, mines, airports, and much more.
– Includes all of Yellowstone National Park!

MT Topo + Forest Cover (Basemap) Updated for 2017. This basemap depicts forest cover in green similar to the USGS topo quad maps. Forest Cover data was derived form the National Forest Cover database. It also shows areas of burnt forest within fire perimeters derived from USGS Geomac data between 1988 and 2017. This provides important habitat information and let’s you know what to expect on the other side of the ridge (see the Topo + Forest Cover product page for more information).

MT Fishing Guide (Overlay) contains bathymetric line data which shows you lake-bed topography for over 500 lakes, highlighted trout stream reaches with trout species info, and fish icons that gives you lake/pond species information. Extensive fish survey data comes directly from MTFWP. This mapset can be enabled over our topo basemaps or Garmin BirdsEye aerial imagery (see the Fishing Guide product page for more information).

Elk Slope-Cover (Overlay) is derived from 10 meter digital elevation data to bring you the first (and only) elk slope preference model for Garmin GPS. We based this model on data that shows elk seem to prefer sloped terrain between 15%-30% in mountainous areas. We clipped the slope data to include only areas of >75% canopy cover where elk seek secure shelter from weather and predators. Whether you’re a novice hunter or a seasoned veteran of elk country, this elk slope-cover model will allow you to view habitat in a whole new light. See the gallery at the top of the page for screen images.

H.D. Antelope & H.D. Deer-Elk-Lion (Overlay) shows you Fish Wildlife and Parks hunting district boundaries. You can pan over any area of the map to see the hunting district number. This mapset can be enabled over our topo maps or Garmin BirdsEye aerial imagery. See the gallery at the top of the page for screen images.

Counties & Sections (Overlay) This overlay map gives you the ability to search for Township, Range, and Sections using the “Find” or “Where To?” menu on your GPS unit. This mapset is a transparent overlay that can be enabled over our topo maps or Garmin BirdsEye aerial imagery. Drop a pin on the map for TRS and County info. See the gallery at the top of the page for screen images.

The images below, in order from left to right, show how to search for a specific Section, Township, or Range.

Section Search Small









More screenshots from map products below:

Pin Stream For Species List

Highlighted Streams = Fish Presence

Pin For Ownership

Updated Fishing Access Points

Transparent Wetlands (NEW)

Lakes / Rivers Highly Visible

Wilderness Area Boundaries

See Which Lakes Contain Fish

Fish Species Points

Fish Species List

Summit Name and Elevation


Cadastral Parcel Data

Additional Information

Download or Micro-SD

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 ($39.95), MAC ($39.95), Easy Install (39.95), Pre-Installed Micro SD (shipped $54.95)


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