How can I reduce clutter on my GPS screen?

Our mapsets contain vast amounts of information. One reason we seperate some of our mapsets into individual maps is to allow you to enable/disable layers based on your current activity and needs. If your map screen looks cluttered try disabling the maps or overlays you don’t currently need. Another tip to de-clutter your map screen is to adjust the map detail level on your GPS. You can find that setting in your map setup menu. We recommend using the “Normal” map detail setting but you may desire to change that setting if your map screen is still too cluttered.

You can also try turning off map labels, a setting that can also be found on the GPS in the map setup menu. We find that turning off the “Landcover” text (topo line and polygon labels) and “Street Names” text goes a long way in improving the map display.

If you own a newer generation unit try turning off the elevation or terrain shading. Turning off terrain shading will change the default map background color from tan to white, making any map much easier to view in bright sunlight.