Is my Garmin older or newer generation?

Older generation units are not compatible with the Easy Install option. Please purchase an installer for older units.

Compatible Older Generation Garmin Units (SD card or installer download required)
eTrex models Legend Cx, Legend HCx, Venture Cx, Vista Cx, Vista HCx
Other handheld models 60 Cx, 60 CSx, 76 Cx, 76CSx, Rino 520 HCx, Rino 530 HCx
Nuvi models Any Nuvi with three numbers in the model name Example: Nuvi 265, Nuvi 500, Nuvi 850 (Older Nuvi Models ONLY compatible with Basemaps. NOT compatible with transparent overlays)

Compatible Newer Generation Garmin Units (SD card, installer or “Easy Install”)
Handheld models Astro, Dakota, Colorado, Oregon, Montana, 62, 64, 78, eTrex 20/30, eTrex Touch, Rino 650, Rino 655t, Rino 700, Monterra, all other handheld units since 2008.
Nuvi models Nuvi 42 & 52 and any Nuvi with four numbers in the model name. Example: Nuvi 1100, Nuvi 1490, Nuvi 3790