How do I use BaseCamp to send maps to my GPS?


1. Connect the GPS, with the SD card installed, to the computer and open BaseCamp (SD card only method described at the bottom of the page). Right-click on “User Data” to install to Memory Card and the MapInstall program will open. (see image below)



2. Check the box next to each map product you wish to install and click Continue. If you do not see a purchased map product in the main list, click on the “Advanced/Partial” button. (see image below)Untitled


3. To install maps via the “Advanced/Partial” menu, select the map product from the dropdown list located below the map window. Select all map tiles associated with each product in the map window for a full install. When finished, hit continue. BaseCamp will automatically detect which map format is appropriate for your Garmin model and install them accordingly. (see image below)4Untitled


SD CARD ONLY (GPS not connected):

Newer Generation Units –

If you’re using an SD card plugged directly into your computer (not in your GPS), you will use BaseCamp to load the maps, but only load one mapset at a time. After each download you’ll see a file called “gmapsupp.img” on your SD card. Rename that .img file after the map you just downloaded. For example “MT Topo + Land Owner 2016.img”. If you don’t rename the file, you’ll end up overwriting that gmapsupp with the next mapset. This method is faster than with the GPS connected but requires a bit more attention in properly renaming the files.

Older Generation Units –

Using just the SD card pluged in to your computer (without the GPS), make sure you don’t already have maps on your SD card. This process will overwrite them (blank card recommended). Using BaseCamp as described above, select the desired map tiles from each map in the products list. You will load all the different mapsets at once. Do not rename the gmapsupp.img file.

Click on the following link to read more about map management for specific Garmin models.

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