The Easy Install option is compatible with newer Garmin models. The Easy Install file is a pre-compiled, properly formatted map file or files that can be easily transferred to a micro SD chip (drag-n-drop). Once the file is placed on the chip, your ready to roll. You can also view the map data in BaseCamp whenever your GPS is connected to your computer. The Easy Install option lets you skip dealing with the installer and software for those less inclined to do so. Simply download, drag-n-drop, and turn the unit on! All the work of compiling and renaming different mapsets is already done for you.

Easy Install compatible Garmin units
Handheld models: Dakota, Colorado, Oregon, Montana, 62, 64, 78, eTrex 20/30, eTrex Touch, Rino 650, Rino 655t, Monterra
Nuvi models – Nuvi 42 & 52 and any Nuvi with four numbers in the model name. Example: Nuvi 1100, Nuvi 1490, Nuvi 3790.

The following steps will get your GPS loaded up and ready to go.

1) Download and unzip the Easy Install file.

2) Connect an SD card, or GPS with the SD card installed, to your computer and create a new folder on the SD card and name it “garmin” (if one doesn’t already exist).

3) Copy and paste the “.img” file(s) from the download folder into the “garmin” folder on your SD card.


4) Insert the SD card into your GPS and view maps!


After the above steps are complete, you can connect the GPS to your computer and open the Garmin BaseCamp program. The maps will load into BaseCamp from your GPS, and be viewable on the computer screen!

If you have any questions or require assistance please don’t hesitate to contact us at gpsmapsmontana@gmail.com