We like to think of Montana as the ultimate outdoor paradise. Whether you like to hike, camp, fish, hunt, bike or just about anything else. It’s all possible in this great state. There are incredible opportunities waiting for you. However you must be prepared.

Montana is wild country. It’s  big and unpredictable. We have wilderness, wild animals, wild rivers, and wildness everywhere you look and turn. Knowing where you are is key to every great outdoor adventure. This is why we’ve created specialized maps for your GPS. Smartphones are still of limited use here since you cannot count on having coverage, especially in the remote stretches of the state.

We are motivated by the following beliefs: we want you to have a great outdoor experience, we want you to gain the skill and confidence to spend more time outside, we want to provide you with the very best GPS maps, and we want to support those groups in Montana which work to create more opportunities for all of us to enjoy the outdoors. This is why 10% of our gross revenue goes to support Montana-based outdoor organizations and we give you the choice to tell us who to support.

Our motto is simple: Live life to the fullest, know where you are!


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Mapmakers Note:

Not only do I live, work, and play in Montana, I’m also a GPS nerd. I carry my GPS everywhere I go. I would accept nothing less than the best data and maps loaded up on my Garmin. The result of my desire to have the very best data are the mapsets available on this website. All of the data used to make our GPS maps are publicly available, what we do is compile it and provide it to you in a format used by your Garmin. As such, there may be data errors or discrepancies beyond our control. Please use your GPS responsibly and never use the data presented on this site in lieu of an official survey. Be safe, use common sense.

In the future we will continue to provide annual updates and new mapsets. As always, we love to hear your feedback and suggestions regarding our existing products or ideas for new products. We hope that having these maps on your GPS will add to your enjoyment of the outdoors here in Montana. See you out there!